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Rift Valley University Dire Dawa Campus voluntary services.

Comunity services engagment is one of our core values. Accordingly, RVU-Dire Dawa Campus Students and communities conducted Voluntary Services like donating Blood, Empowering Society, Helping Poor & Needy People and others for a week. We appreciate…

In-house Research Conference at Gotera Campus.

In-house Research Conference at Gotera Campus. Five Rift Valley University clustered campuses, namely Labu, Kality,Galan, Lancha and Gotera campuses have jointly conducted the 1st in house research on June 29,2019 under the theme "The Role…

Rift Valley University Provided Training for the Youth

  Rift Valley University provided training for the youth for more than a week at Finfinne, Gada Campus. The number of youth participated at the training are more than 1300.       Yuunivarsitiin Riifti Vaalii, Dargaggoota adda addaa kanneen…

Iranian Embassy has made a work visited at Rift Valley University

The Embassy of the Islamic Republican of Iran to Ethiopia is among the diplomatic mission located in Addis Ababa. As part of advancing the ties of the two sisterly countries, the Cultural Attache of…

RVU Annual Research Conference

Rift Valley University Conducts its 10th Annual Research and Technology Transfer Conference on Saturday May 12, 2018 on the “Role of Culture and technology Generation for sustainable Development” at RVU HQ – Tokuma Tower(Tokuma…

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