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In-House Annual Research Conference at Rift Valley University (RVU) Sidist Kilo Campus

In-House Annual Research Conference at Rift Valley University (RVU) Sidist  Kilo Campus Sidist Kilo Campus has organized its first In-House Annual Research Conference on June 8, 2019, under the theme" Education for Business and Sustainable…

RVU 10th Annual Research Conference

Research Conferences need to help us to make use of our rapidly expanding higher education systems to eradicate poverty, to harness the fruits of Science and Technologies and Innovations for our National Growth. This…

Annually Research Conference at Rift Valley University Gullele Campus

Gullele Campuson on Feb.16,2019, has organized 4th Annual Research Conference under the theme" Quality Education for Sustainable Development". Dr.Sanbato Busha, Gullele Campus Dean made the welcome speech emphasizing on the role of research for…

Graduation Ceremony – RVU 2017

2017 RVU shashemane campus graduation   Abbaa Riifti Vaalii Yuunivarsitii Obbo Dinquu Dayyasaa, Prezidaantii Yuunivarsitii Riift Vallii Pro. Dirribsaa Dhufeeraa fi Kantiibaa Magaalaa Shaashamannee Adde Xayyibaa Hassan

Rift Valley University Background

Today, more than ever before in human history, the wealth of nations depends on the quality of its population. Global wealth is concentrated less and less in factories, land, tools and machinery and more…

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