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Graduation Ceremony – RVU 2017

2017 RVU shashemane campus graduation   Abbaa Riifti Vaalii Yuunivarsitii Obbo Dinquu Dayyasaa, Prezidaantii Yuunivarsitii Riift Vallii Pro. Dirribsaa Dhufeeraa fi Kantiibaa Magaalaa Shaashamannee Adde Xayyibaa Hassan

RVU – Academic Programs

Academic Programs Rift Valley University delivers its teaching learning responsibility through both face to face programs (including regular and extension) and distance program. The face to face programs are organized into three faculties: Business...

RVU – On its new Chapter!

Rift Valley University is the leading private University in Ethiopia having widened its branches to over fifty within the two decades of its establishment. The University is moving with its quick pace incorporating its...

The Ethiopian Peace Conference @RVU

Rift Valley University is pleased to invite all interested participants to participate on a joint conference under the theme ' Voice of Youth for Peace & Harmony in Ethiopia' The details are given here below.       The...

RVU is Congratulating- Nekemte Campus

Rift Valley University, Nekemte Campus has graduated its 10th Graduating batch on 8th July, 2018 in TVET and Degree Programs. The campus has hosted a colorful graduation ceremony with the presence of all stakeholders. These...

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