RVU – On its new Chapter!


Rift Valley University is the leading private University in Ethiopia having widened its branches to over fifty within the two decades of its establishment. The University is moving with its quick pace incorporating its all parts and branches to be a trans-border Centre of excellence as the great East Africa Rift Valley crosses many countries.

The University is ambitious to shape the future of our graduates to equip them with necessary knowledge and skills to contribute our share of building the future generation. To achieve this, we enroll students in Business and social Science, Technology and Engineering, and Health Science in Degree and Post Graduate programs.

The University is increasing its community engagement from time to time. Nowadays, RVU has organized the grand Oromo Scholars by Establishing Oromo Studies Centre (OSC) to study the cultural, historical and socio-anthropological aspects of the Oromo People.







April, 2018



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