RVU Addis Abeba’s Campuses Graduation Ceremony.


Rift Valley University has continued hosting Graduation Ceremony at its branch campuses of Finfinne’s and around areas.

The University has been contributing for the development of the country in producing knowledgeable and skilled man power to meet the goal to be among the middle income generators. Hence, on Saturday July 21, 2018, RVU has graduated its candidates of Addis Abeba Campuses’s and around at Addis Abeba millennium Hall with the presence of Graduates family, Government Authority HE Ethiopian President Dr.Mulatu Teshome, Top Officials Of University Board Members, Founder and Managing Director Obbo Dinku Dayassa, Top Management of University and the University’s community in a colorful manner. Honourable Guest HE Dr Mulatu Teshome, Board Memebers Chairman Dr Abera Deressa, University President Prof. Derebssa Duferas, Founder and owner Obbo Dinku Dayassa has delivered congratulatory messages and best wishes for graduates.

Dr Sembeto of Gullele Campus Dean presented the highlights and achievements of RVU for this acedamic year.President of RVU, Prof. Derebssa Dufera presented the core activities and achievements of the University in the academic year. He highlighted that the university has done its level best to increase students’ admission capacity and now training of students in TVET, undergraduate, MA/MSc programs.

Hand in hand with teaching and training of students’ in various disciplines, scholars at RVU are also undertaking problem based and community oriented researches with direct relevance to their surrounding community and the country as a whole.
In addition to initiating the community to resolve its own problems, the findings of the scientific researches has also been used as an input in the policy making process at national level.

Speaking on the occasion and the guest of honor of the event, Government Authority HE Ethiopian President Dr.Mulatu Teshome delivered a very marvelous and useful motivational speech to the graduates. He forwarded very warm congratulatory remarks to the graduates, the university management and parents of the students for their fruitful efforts in supporting the graduates and bringing them all the way to the successful completion of their studies.

And Rift Valley University Awarded Honorable Doctorate To Abba Gada Bayana Sambatu!






At the subsequent stages, Dr Abebe Gemechu – the V/P of research, Technology Transfer and Partnership presented the graduates in their respective colleges and outstanding students from each program have also received awards from the guest of honor, Board Members and University Top management.



RVU –Excellence for Development!

Rift Valley University – HQ



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