Rift Valley University in a quick pace of change!

Rift Valley University has continued hosting Graduation Ceremony at its branch campuses. The University has been contributing for the development of the country in producing knowledgeable and skilled man power to meet the goal to be among the middle income generators and actively engaged in discharging its social, national and international responsibilities.

Hence, on Sunday August 19, 2018, RVU has graduated its candidates of #Harar Campus, with the presence of Government Officials and families of Graduates and the University’s community in a colorful manner.
The V/President for Strategic Management and Institutional Development, Obbo Gadissa Bekele, has delivered congratulatory message on the event on behalf of RVU top management.

RVU – Excellence for Development
Rift Valley University – HQ


  1. It is very difficult to find RVU in the list of University available in Ethiopia. Its official website is also difficult to find. Please work on visibility especially on website.


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