RVU Senate Meeting


Rift Valley University Senate on Nov.16, 2018 conducted its annual regular meeting at its Head Office to assess the status of the teaching-learning activities that have been undertaken in all its campuses.                                               RVU is practically operating in parts of the Ethiopian Regional states employing various modalities.  Campus Dean from different campuses reported the status of their respective campuses, including the best practices and challenges they have faced.

The Senate also reviewed the activities of 2017/18 academic year and approved the annual plan of 2018/19.  The meeting enabled members of the Senate to draw important lessons that would enable them to overcome the challenges they encounter.

H.E Ato Dinku Dayesse, the owner of the university briefly attended the Senate meetings. He encouraged Campus Dean to work hard as usual, and promised to heavily invest in construction work in campuses that have sufficient spaces.



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