13th anniversary of nations, nationalities and people’s day at Rift Valley University

Rift Valley University has celebrated the 13th annual anniversary of nations, nationalities and people’s day on December 7, 2018 at Gotera campus in coordination with Rift Valley University Head office. The nations, nationalities and people’s day was a norm at Rift Valley University annually celebrated on each campus. On this historical day (Dec.7, 2018), all students at Gotera Campus dressed with the traditional clothes and made the ceremony colorful. This year celebration was conducted when the country is busy with multidimensional reform that is transforming the country from totalitarian to democratic rule. In this celebration students have shown the sense of unity of purpose and actions.
Regardless of their ethnic background, religious affiliations, region, etc students danced together singing the songs of different ethnic groups. The spirit of friendship and moods exhibited by the students at the ceremony could lay foundation for the type of new Ethiopia that we envision to see-where diversity is celebrated rather than seen as a curse.
Speeches were made by Campus Dean, invited guests from Head office. The 13th nations , nationality and people’s day was colorful that created the spirit of de-corps among the student body and the staff members. It has left behind wonderful memories that could inspire others.
These are partial pictures taken while the ceremony was underway at Gotera Campus


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