Rift Valley University (RVU) Senate has conducted its biannual meeting on March 8,2019, at the Head Office located around Gotera.Professor Derebsa Dhufera, the President of RVU has made the opening speech, and encouraged the participants to actively contribute their part for the success of the meeting.

Ato Gadissa Bekeke, Vice President for Strategic Studies and Institutional Development presented the six month activity report that covered wide ranging issues.The report mainly emphasized on how to enhance quality in areas of infrastrcture,human resource and learning facilities.

The campus Dean from various campuses updated the progress they have made within the last six month, including the challenges they have faced. The participants raised questions and commented on the report.

The Senate members agreed to work hard in enhancing quality and meeting the expectations of stakeholders in myriad ways. The meeting gave chance for Senate members to exchange ideas, experience that enabled them replicate in their respective campuses. These partial pictures were taken while the meeting was underway.


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