Rift Valley University has hosted the 33rd Annual Research Conference of Oromo Studies Association (OSA) that was conducted in Finfinnne/ Addis Ababa starting from July 26-28, 2019.

It is recalled that, the previous successive Ethiopian regimes deny the Oromo people the right to self-determination, use to persecute scholars and activists who write and advocate about the Oromo people and history. These states of affairs consumed the lives of millions and the meager resources of the nation. Oromo Study Association was established before three decades by the Oromo and pro-Oromo individual scholars who reside outside Ethiopia to cultivate and advance the right of the Oromo people administer their affairs.

The recent reform that start to take root in Ethiopia allowed OSA to operate legally in the country for the first time. This historical conference commenced with the opening of Kulani Jalata, OSA President, and followed by H.E Obbo Shimlels Abdissa , Oromia Regional State Vice President . H.E.  made welcoming speech and encouraged the participants to work in unison, so as  to come up with alternative policy research that can help the people of the region to get out of poverty.

The conference deliberated under the theme “A new Frontier: Ushering in Lasting Change in Oromia, Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa” covering wide ranging issues.  Fourteen scholarly papers that include areas of governance, economy, environment, institutional infrastructure, the study and use of indigenous knowledge etc were presented. Renowned international figures and scholars from diverse disciplinary background have attended and enriched the debate. Besides, giant Oromo scholars and foreigners that have been writing on Oromo and Horn of Africa issues got golden opportunity to address wider Oromo audiences in the country. RVU hosted this historical conference to help the diaspora based scholars to feel at home, by doing so inspire other scholars to research and advance the cause of Oromo people in the wider Ethiopian context.

After the conference was wrapped as per the schedule, RVU has organized farewell ceremony at Hyatt Resident Hotel to these scholars and others who directly and indirectly contributed for the success of this historic conference. On the occasion, in recognition of their contributions, Certificate were handed over to the individuals and institutions


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