The Research and Community Outreach Office of the Campus is highly pleased to announce its Second In-House Research Seminar to be held on 28th of February 2020. Therefore, this is to kindly invite potential academics, researchers and practitioners submit a Research Abstract on one of the following thematic areas: –

  1. Suitability of Skills and Knowledge of Graduates to Labor Market;
  2. The Community Outreach Role of Higher Educational Institutions in Ensuring Sustainable

    Peace, Socio-Economic and Environmental Growth;

  3. The Compatibility of Program Expansions at Higher Educational Institutions with the

    Prevailing Socio-Economic and Political Needs of the Country; and

  4. Multiculturalism: A Threat or Opportunity at Higher Educational Institutions in Ethiopia?

Submission Guidelines

  1. The submission shall be in English
  2. The length of the abstract shall not exceed 150 words. The Abstract shall be accompanied

    with a cover page comprising the Topic of the Research and brief personal profile (name,

    institution and level of education) of the researcher or author.

  3. As to the format: font type- Times New Roman; font size- 12; and line spacing- 1.5 with 6 pt.

    before and after. Submissions made outside the prescribed for will be rejected automatically.

  4. Deadline-the submission shall be made before or on 10th of February 2020 at 5.30pm.
  5. Send your submissions to: [email protected] or [email protected] For

    further information: +251 911 24 80 85 or +251 986 35 75 09.


  • The Editorial Committee has been established for the purpose of evaluation and selection of the researches to be presented on the seminar. The Committee seriously scrutinize compliance of each submission with the prescribed thematic areas and guidelines.
  • Notification of selected Abstracts will be made on or before 15th of February 2020.
  • All selected papers will be presented on the Seminar. The presenters will also be recognized and


  • Post-graduate students, and females in particular are highly encouraged to respond to the call!
  • RVU Finfinnee Campus is located around Addis Ababa Stadium on the main highway to Mexico, nearby Betezata Hospital!


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