Rift Valley University Finfinne Campus has organized 2nd Annual In-House Research Conference on March 5, 2020, under the theme” The Role of Higher Educational Institutions in Ensuring Sustainable Peace and Socio-Economic Growth in Ethiopia’.
Campus Dean Ato Temesgen Tamiru, made welcoming speech and described research as an important pillar in academic institutions, and invited Dr. Abebe Gemachu, Vice president for Research, Technology Transfer and Partnership to make Keynote speech. Dr. Abebe on his part underlined the place given to research in RVU, and encouraged the participants to actively participate in the research work, and declared the official opening of the seminar.
Three papers were presented by scholars from RVU that covered crosscutting issues. The participants raised questions, comments, suggestions and enriched the papers. Invited guests from RVU Head Office, sisterly RVU campuses and post graduate students who attended the Seminar rated it as outstanding intellectual exercise.
In the closing remark, the campus was congratulated by the guest speaker for organizing such wonderful platform, and the presenters and organizers for the making the occasion productive and colorful. The guest speaker urged both the presenters and organizers to do more in the future and promised that RVU would support their endeavors of serving the nation and RVU. The pictures depicted below were taken while the conference was underway.


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