Urgent Message from Rift Valley University
Dear All RVU Graduating students of Health and All staff of the university.
Urgent Call for Volunteer Service in Combating Coronavirus
As we all are getting informed from different media outlets, our world has encountered the most disasterous pandemic which took the lives of thousands across the world.
In reference to the damages and rapid transmission rate of the virus, the Ethiopian Government  calls upon different groups of our societies to join hands in combating this pandemic from our country.
Regarding the problem, Ministry of Science and Higher Education has been passing crucial decisions to universities in the country in general while the Ethiopian Higher Education Relevance and Quality Agency(HERQA) has started to engag private higher education institutions to render all possible professional supports to minimize the rapid expansion of Covid -19.
Accordingly, Rift Valley University urgently calls upon all its 2020 graduating class of health students and the university communities in all its branch campuses to act and respond to this timely calls of our county. Hence, the volunteers of RVU can call on the number here 0987262626/0987414141 and get registered as soon as possible.  Moreover, essential trainings by Health Sector professionals will also be arranged for our volunteers.
This is the least we could provide to save life.
Thank you for your living service to make humans live.
Rfit Valley University.


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