Rift Valley University (RVU) has conducted its 12th Annual Research Conference on May 27, 2021 at RVU Head Office in Tokuma Hall under the theme “The Role of Ethiopian Higher Education in Democratization Process and Sustainable Development”.
Campus Deans, Research and Community Service Officers from various RVU Campuses, RVU Head Office staff and Scholarship from Public and Private Universities were in attendance.
Invited guests from Ministry of Science and Higher Education (MoSHE), Higher Education Relevance and Quality Assurance (HERQA) and RVU Board members have participated in this historical Research Conference.
Dr. Senbato Busha, RVU Vice President for Research, Community Service and Technology Transfer introduced the schedule and invited Dr.Abebe Gemechu to make welcoming speech.
Dr.Abebe thank those who came to attend the 12th Annual Research Conference and informed the participants that this Conference was part of series of research work started by Campuses at all levels. After briefly mentioning the importance of research, Dr. Abebe invited Dr. Dunkana Nugussa, HERQA Quality Audit and Enhancement Director to make an opening speech.
Dr.Dunkana in his speech mentioned the relations between education and democray, and encourage all participants to work for quality education and finally declared the official opening of the conference.
The keynote address was delivered by Dr. Eba Mijana, General Director for Academic Affairs at MoSHE. Dr.Eba touched upon the strategic plan of the government to improve infrastructure and related inputs so as to create democratic minded citizens.
Three papers were presented in the morning plenary secession, and 12 papers in three separate syndicates in the afternoon. Totally 15 papers that covered wide ranging issues of national and international importance were presented. The participants thoroughly discussed on those papers and enriched them.
The conference was wrapped with the concluding remarks made by Dr.Abebe. In his remark, Dr.Abebe appreciated the researchers for taking their precious time to produce such scholarly papers and for sharing with the academic community. Finally, he thank all who directly contributed for the success of the conference and handed over Certificate of Awards to Abstract reviewers, presenters and organizers.
The pictures depicted below were taken while the Conference was in progress.
RVU is a Hub of Excellence!


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