Seven Rift Valley University campuses, namely , Yeka, Bole, Meri-goro, Kara-alo, Lega-tafo, Sandafa  and Abichu campuses have jointly organized Third Annual  Research Conference on May 25,2021 under the theme  entitled ” Paradigm Shift in Ethiopian Health and Higher Education System in the Face of COVID-19″.  

The conference was hosted by Abichu Campus   at Sodere Resort Branch in Addis Ababa, located in front of African Union Head Office.

Invited guests from Head Office, other RVU campuses and other stakeholders have attended. Ato Kufa Bedaso , Abitchu  Campus Dean made a welcome speech. Ato Kufa touched upon the contributions made by the cluster campuses and those who have presented their research work on the Conference. After wrapping up his speech, Ato Kufa invited Dr.Abebe Gemechu, RVU President to make an opening speech. 

Dr. Abebe in his opening speech applauded the leadership for guiding the research direction towards timely issues that have national and international significance. Dr. Abebe also mentioned the importance of undertaking problem solving research as the core mandate of Higher Education and congratulated the cluster campuses for organizing such wonderful intellectual work. Finally, Dr. Abebe encouraged all participants to actively participate in the research process and declared the official opening of the Conference.   

Four research papers were presented at the Conference that focused on COVID-19 pandemic and Socio-economic issues. Among the four papers, three of them were presented by RVU academic staff and one paper by the prospective postgraduate student from Bole RVU campus. 

The participants have thoroughly discussed the presented papers and enriched those scholarly works. The outcome of the research exercise inspired postgraduate students, staff members and other stakeholders. Many who got an opportunity to attend the Conference congratulated the efforts of RVU campuses for undertaking research works that addressed pressing societal problems.


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