Based on the need assessment conducted by the Campus in the 2021/22 Academic year, Rift Valley University Mojo Campus has organized training that involved the staff members and stakeholders drawn from Mojo City governmental Offices. The training was conducted on May 12, 2022, in two separate Halls. 

The Staff training mainly focused on Customer Handling; Entrepreneurship and Business Plan Development; Research method and Teaching methods.

On the other hand, the stakeholders are drawn from the Mojo Town Mayor’s Office which includes the Spokesperson, Members of the Town Administration Council, and Civil Service Bureau staff attended simultaneously. The training covered Customer Handling; Entrepreneurship and Business Plan Development. The training was offered by RVU well experiences senior instructors.  The Campus Academic Council members pledged to conduct such Community Service and capacity building training in the future. The attached pictures were taken while the training was underway. 


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