Rift Valley University Dire Dawa Campus has graduated students who were trained in different disciplines, modalities, and levels on Sep. 3, 2022. Rift Valley University Managing Council members and Dire Dawa City Government officials were warmly welcomed by the Dire Dawa city Marching Band. Invited guests and families of the prospective graduates joined and made the graduation ceremony colorful.
Ato Solomon Soboka RVU Dire Dawa Campus Dean welcomed the audience and invited Dire Dawa City Government representative to make an opening remark. Dire Dawa City Government representative in his speech appreciated Rift Valley University for opening windows of opportunities for the citizens to attend quality education that in many accounts contributed for improving their way of life. Ato Solomon also invited Dr. Abebe Gemechu, RVU President to make a keynote speech.
Dr. Abebe in his speech emphasized the role of education and informed the audience reason why RVU is expanding education in peripheries without compromising quality and encouraged all stakeholders to play their part in attaining quality education. Finally, he congratulated the campus, and stakeholders for organizing such a colorful ceremony and pledged to support them with available resources. The attached pictures were taken while the graduation ceremony is underway. RVU is the Hub of Excellence!


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