Rift Valley University (RVU) Head Office Social Committee has organized two day (Sept 18-19, 2021) annual staff excursion program to Sodere  (Sodaa-Re’ee ) Resort Hotel. During the two days tour program, the staff members along with the Managing Council members engaged in different social and nerve-relaxing entertainment activities – swimming, Campfire, visiting wild animals, Birds, Sodere expansion Projects, and the surrounding escarpments where Awash waterfalls. 

On the final day, the staff members had breakfast at Sodere Resort Hotel and lunch at Bishoftu City. The purpose of the trip was to assist staff members mix with the Managing Council members, socializing with each other, and developing a sense of unity and cohesion-esprit de corps & thereby enabling them to contribute their part in the process of realizing the vision and mission of RVU. 

The attached pictures were taken at Sodere and Bisoftu while they were enjoying themselves.


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